Camp Kindle Guide to Watercolors

I’m often asked what watercolor paints I recommend so I have compiled my favorites here.

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Prang Watercolors

These are the watercolors I recommend for beginners. When I took my Art Education course in college these were the only watercolors allowed. They have a depth of color and moisture that no other “kids” watercolors have. The purple is especially deep and beautiful. They sometimes even carry these at Walmart, but I haven’t seen them stocked at ours recently.


2017-01-25 16.07.15-3


Winsor & Newton Travel Watercolor Palette

If you want to spend a bit more you can get these for about double the price of the Prang watercolors. Winsor & Newton does make even larger palettes, but this is a great starter set and is perfect for painting on the go.


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Winsor & Newton Tube Watercolors

I love my travel palette, but pan watercolors do not excel in wet washes (like the one above.) For this type of spontaneous bleeding color I have a small collection of Winsor & Newton tube watercolors. Any tubed watercolor should be better at washes because you don’t have to water them down to paint which means you can have a more vibrant pigment in your wash.


Additional Watercolor Supplies


As far as other supplies I use #8 and #12 Round Brushes I picked up at my local hobbycraft store and a Pentel Aquash water brush from Amazon. (I’ve found the Pentel is much better than other water brush brands I’ve tried.)

There is limited space to mix colors on the palettes above so you may want to pick up a paint palette if you want to mix your own colors. I adore this little porcelain palette but this one is also serviceable.

As for watercolor paper this brand is relatively inexpensive for the quality and you can sometimes find it at Walmart. You can also use cardstock or mixed media paper in a pinch. Whatever you do DO NOT get this brand. I’ve found it doesn’t absorb the pigment at all and the paint just sits on top of the paper.

For watercolors on the go I use this sketchbook and this insert for my traveler’s notebook.


Have fun shopping!


See you at camp.






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